Social Media Graphic Designer (Freelancer)

Social Media Graphic Designer (Freelancer) APPLY NOW


Sugardoh is looking for a Social Media Graphic Designer.

What is this position? We’re looking for a fun and quirky graphic designer who’s a master at quick turnarounds. 

What am I designing for? Instagram stories, infographics, banners, static ads, printed collateral (instagram stories heavy though) 

Do you have examples of what you are looking for? Yes! Check out this link

What are your guidelines? You will use our existing brand guidelines (with areas to expand) to create the graphic and maintain our brand consistency throughout our various platforms

Do I need to know about sugaring? Ideally, you are someone who knows about sugaring/waxing or willing to dive deep on the sugaring culture. 

Is this freelance, part-time, or full time? This position will start out as a freelancer position with the potential to turn into part-time or full-time position

What skills do I need? You need to be knowledgeable in Adobe Suite & Canva

Is this a remote position? Yes. Though if you're in Austin, TX we’ll regularly take you out for coffee. 

Anything else? Bonus points if you are also a cartoonist/illustrator.

Please submit your hourly rate (or describe your payment structure if you have one) in your cover letter below. Please also include your portfolio, IG page, or most recent work under the resume category below.


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