Reels and TikTok Video Editor (Freelancer)

Reels and TikTok Video Editor (Freelancer) APPLY NOW


Sugardoh is looking for a Reels and TikTok Video Editor.

What is this position? We’re looking for a video editor who’s a master at editing short-form videos like TikTok and Reels.You will receive b-roll and be able to create fun, creative short-form videos based on a folder of videos (regularly updated).  

What platforms am I creating for? IG, TikTok (and these videos will be repurposed on Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook)

Do you have examples of what you are looking for? Yes! Check out this link

How many videos do you need? We’ll need anywhere from 5-10 videos edited a month. 

Do I need to know about sugaring? Ideally, you are someone who knows about sugaring/waxing or willing to dive deep on the sugaring culture. 

What skills do I need? A big part of this position is the ability to identify important segments of the b-roll and splice them together. Some months you may have a lot of b-roll to sift through (but that normally means more content to create!). Most b-roll will be filmed on an iphone, vertical. You should be able to add captions, emojis, title cards, and sounds to videos. 

Is this a remote position? Yes. Though if you're in Austin, TX we’ll regularly take you out for coffee. 

Anything else? Bonus points if you are also a cartoonist/illustrator.

Please submit your hourly rate (or describe your payment structure if you have one) in your cover letter below. Please also include your portfolio, IG page, or most recent work under the resume category below.


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