Director of Operations and Finance

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Remote but Austin, TX preferred.
Full time

Description: At Sugardoh, we’re looking for someone with a strong CPG operations background (in businesses $8M+ annual revenue) with some experience in manufacturing and finance to lead our operation teams. We’re about to enter 300 ULTA stores across the country with more retailers around the corner and we want to make sure we have the right resources in place for our next chapter of growth. This role would work closely with the CEO to continue to grow Sugardoh and ensure we are implementing best practices across the board. 

Based on experience, this role would help fulfill the following goals for Sugardoh:

  1. Gain manufacturing freedom and visibility to support growth 
  2. Expand growth in wholesale and retail channels by establishing the correct partners for scalability
  3. Improve COGS and margins 
  4. Refine and optimize day-to-day operations
  5. Bring forward-thinking and strategic operations support to the Sugardoh Business

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If these words are in your day-to-day vocabulary, we want you:

Capacity Analytics, Capex, Product Development, Trails + Site Visit, Insurance Programs, Manufacturing Contract Negotiations, Supply Chain, Demand Planning, Co-Manufacturers, EDI Compliance, Procurement, Order Management, 3PL, Channel Strategy, Financial Modeling, Pricing Strategy

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Operations
  • Lead and improve the processes, tools and capabilities associated with the Sales and Operational Planning, Inventory Management, Supply Planning and Demand Planning processes. 
  • Regularly analyzing performance metrics and cost-improvement within fulfillment, packaging sourcing, and other supply chain inputs
  • Manufacturing
  • Determine best option between a new co-manufacturing partner or bring manufacturing in house
  • Vet and onboard co-manufacturer for production or lead process for bringing manufacturing in-house 
  • Finance
  • Work closely with fractional CFO and accounting team on Financial Analysis and Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting, and Strategic Cross-Functional Initiatives


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