Sugaring in the Colder Months, Why Would I Do That?

Sugaring in the Colder Months, Why Would I Do That?


It’s the start of cooler weather and we get a little cozier and a little comfier. You may be thinking “why would I want to remove hair that no one will see?”

We got you covered. 

It’s actually the best time to sync your hair cycle

Typically during the summer months we are more concerned with those fine baby hairs and may be sugaring 2-3 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks. During these cooler months, we can sync our hair cycles up to have a cleaner, smoother palette for when summer rolls around. Plus, you never know when you may find yourself in a hot tub in the mountains (and that’s on manifesting). 

Gentle exfoliation and deep hydration

Not only does sugar remove hairs, it also removes any excess skin buildup and things that may be clogging up your skin. This allows for your lotions and serums to be soaked up by your skin.

Helps with skin conditions

Sugaring is a safe technique which has been endorsed by Dermatologists as a safe and effective method of hair removal, even for those with sensitive skin, and mild psoriasis or eczema. The doh only adheres to dead skin cells, which means it will help remove flaking skin without disturbing the moisture barrier. There is little to no heat involved; it can help provide relief with its gentle exfoliating properties and promoting cell turnover!

Connect with your friends

Who doesn't love bonding time with your friends that you don't have to layer on 3 jackets just to hang out? Order in some takeout, grab something warm to sip on and binge watch a series. Bonus: Someone is finally there to help you hold the skin taut in those tricky places!

Self care

Been wanting to get into more meditation? We call this one of our favorite “moving meditations”. Touch can help bring our nervous system out of fight or flight so throw on one of our Spotify Playlists with our Staff Picks and give yourself the self love you deserve.

Drop some of your favorite self care tips below 

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