How to Sugar Wax Your Bikini

How to Sugar Wax Your Bikini


A great way to save time and money on bikini waxes is by doing them at home. The perfect kit for a beginner to get started is this vegan & cruelty-free Sugaring Starter Kit. Bonus: sugaring is more gentle on the skin and often results in thinner and more sparse hairs returning. 

Let's Talk Prep: 

Make sure the hair is at least rice length. Anything less is too short and risks breaking the hair rather than grabbing it from the root. If your hair is significantly longer than that - an optional step is to trim it to rice length to reduce discomfort. 

Step By Step: 

  1. Exfoliate the bikini area 48 hours prior. 
  2. Cleanse the skin. You can use a damp towel to do so - be sure to fully dry the area afterward.

TIP: Sitting in front of a mirror and fan is super helpful. A fan will help maintain the perfect environment for the doh and help it last longer and a mirror will help you fully see the area. 

  1. Apply Pre-Sugaring Body Powder
  2. Apply the wax in small sections. Mold the wax onto your skin in the opposite direction of hair growth (mold 3-4 times) and pull in the same direction of hair growth. Be sure to hold your skin taut to avoid bruising. 
  3. Repeat step 4 step until desired hair is removed. 
  4. Cleanse with a damp towel. 
  5. Apply Post-Sugaring Calming Serum.
  6. Let your skin breathe - avoid tight clothing and any friction for 48 hours. 


A great place to check out tips is Sugardoh’s Sugaring School

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