I think my paste is too sticky

When I hear people having problems with the paste being “too sticky” the best solution 90% of the time is more practice.

After three times using the wax, you realize that the stickiness is needed to pull the hairs out and you get used to handling the paste in it’s gooey consistency. 

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Use the fingerprint test to see if your sugar paste is at the right consistency. 

You want your fingerprint impression to show up in the sugaring paste. This ensures that the paste is ready to use.

For the other 10%, the best solution is popping your paste into the fridge for 15 minutes before sugaring and/or using the applicator and strips instead of your hands.  

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Other things to consider:

Ambient temperature: Are you outside in the heat? Go inside. Are you in a hot, humid climate? Have a fan blowing close by.

Temperature of room: Are you in a hot room? Move to the coolest room in your home.

Temperature or skin: Does your body temperature run weam/hot? Use the applicator or a cloth strip. 

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