What is sugar wax?

What is sugar wax?


Sugar wax is kind of like traditional waxes' cooler cousin. Sugar wax is made from  simple and natural ingredients (made with just sugar, lemons (or citric acid), and water.) that are more gentle on your skin. These simple ingredients create a gentle hair removal doh, without harmful chemicals that irritate the skin. Sugaring is a  method of hair removal originating in ancient Egypt that is reusable until it’s full of hair or has no give left.

An excellent starter kit with everything you need to get started is Sugardoh’s Sugaring Starter Kit - on average a full size Sugardoh jar lasts anywhere from 6 months to a year of full body sugaring. 

How often should you sugar?

In order to have a successful session, it is recommended for your hair to be at least the length of a grain of rice. Naturally, hair growth cycles vary from person to person, but below is a general rule of thumb for different areas:

  • underarms: 2-3 weeks
  • legs / arms: 3 weeks
  • face: 1-2 weeks
  • pubic: 2-3 weeks

Is it really better than traditional wax? 

YES! Sugar wax is not only kinder to your skin, it’s also kinder to our planet. Sugardoh’s sugar wax is compostable and comes in sustainable glass packaging which you can either recycle or repurpose. If saving the planet isn’t reason enough, sugar wax is also way less irritating and less painful than regular waxing.  You can use most sugar waxes at room temperature so no need to risk burning your skin. Truly a win for your skin & the planet. 


In summary, sugar waxing is a more gentle and long lasting alternative to traditional waxing. It is better for the planet and your body. An excellent option for giving sugar waxing a try can be found here and tutorials can be found here

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