How to Sugar Wax Yourself at Home

How to Sugar Wax Yourself at Home


For Starters: What is sugar wax?

Sugar wax is a more natural alternative to traditional waxing made from simple and natural ingredients. It is made with just sugar, lemons or citric acid, and water. Sugaring is a  method of hair removal originating in ancient Egypt that is reusable (until it’s full of hair or has no give left). You can find everything you need to get started in Sugardoh’s Sugaring Starter Kit. A perk to using Sugardoh’s Sugaring Starter Kit is that it is more natural, vegan, and on average one full-size jar lasts 6 months to a year of full body sugaring. 

What body parts can I sugar?

You can sugar wax any body parts where you want to remove unwanted hair growth, such as the legs, face, arms, pits, bikini, toes, stomach, back, and more. 

Why is sugaring better than waxing? 

  • Sugar wax is way less irritating and less painful than regular waxing. This is because the sugar paste used in sugaring only adheres to dead skin cells, not live ones. This means that the process won’t cause as much irritation or inflammation, leaving you with smooth and glowing skin. 
  •  You can use most sugar waxes at room temperature so no risk of burning your skin.
  • Sugardoh’s sugar wax is compostable and comes in sustainable glass packaging which you can either recycle or repurpose so it is far more sustainable than traditional wax. 

How to Sugar

Preparing your skin

  • Be sure your hair is at least rice length to avoid breaking the hair instead of the intended pulling it from the root. 
  • Clean the body part you are sugaring and fully dry.
  • Optional: bring out a fan - sugaring in front of a fan will help prolong the life of your sugar wax and help it not melt if you’re warm-bodied or sweating.
  • Apply Pre-Sugaring Body Powder.


Grab a ball of doh and apply in the opposite direction of hair growth and pull in the same direction of hair growth. Be sure to hold your skin taut to avoid bruising. You can keep reusing this same ball of sugar wax until it is either full of hair or has no give left. Repeat until desired hair is removed. Tip: reapply Pre-Sugaring Body Powder as needed throughout. 

Pro Tip:

If at any point the sugar wax gets too sticky - you can either remove it with a Reusable Cloth Strip (this way you can remove the remainder hairs) or wipe it away with a damp towel. 


Wipe away any residue with a damp towel or if you are sugaring your face cleanse thoroughly. Next, apply Post-Sugaring Calming Serum to soothe the skin. If your skin is on the more sensitive side, avoid applying products (other than Post-Sugaring Calming Serum) for at least 24 hours after you sugar, if possible. Your pores are freshly opened so it’s really easy for them to be irritated. You may want to avoid touching it and tight clothing too! The good news is, the more you sugar, the more your skin gets used to having hair pulled out from the root.

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